"Floating World" is a series of screen prints that highlight the world of folklore and myth—a sort of Ukiyo-e of the Heisei era. Spending my childhood in rural Japan, I was always fascinated by the legends, the spirits, the ghosts, and the gods that existed in peoples lives during pre-westernization Japan. I would often visit old temples to marvel at the architectural beauty and historical presence, or look through books to learn about the Yaoyorozu gods of Shintoh religion and the ghost stories of Yokai that haunted the different regions. Theses myths and legends would often be telling valuable lessons, or be created in order to give reason to the unexplainable or supernatural. In modern day Japan, technology and science has overpowered a need for stories like these, however, I believe there once must have been truth in them. By creating images of mythological characters that played a role in Japanese history, I hope to remember their stories and give them life again in the "floating world."

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