Curated by Mattie Loyce, InBetween Dreams is a two person exhibition showcasing the artwork of Bay Area based artists, Esteban ‘Pop’ Samayoa and Maya Fuji. The exhibition opens both an aesthetic and thematic conversation through the artist pairing of Pop, a Sacramento native, and Maya who was born in Japan and raised in the Bay Area. Both Maya and Pop create from an intimate place of cultural and personal significance. Inviting viewers to join them playfully when witnessing their artwork, we are met with images that mix the relatable, fantastical, nostalgic, and sensational. Each with bold and unique styles, they share a strikingly matched ability to communicate their visions and dreams into our tangible reality. Strong identifiable uses of texture, tone, and color is something unforgettable of the two artists, and sets them apart as well as harmoniously together.

Wet Tatami_edited.jpg
Nisei III_Square_edited.jpg
Crocodile Tears
Pocky Kiss_edited.jpg